Friday, October 31, 2014

this is halloween

Halloween is here, y'all. It's the best excuse to dress goth without people looking at you weirdly. I called my halloween costume "Teen Ghost Hunter" (thanks American Apparel Lookbook). I took these pictures right after school so I didn't have my full costume on, but I paired it with a vintage camera and some blood across my face. 

leather jacket - cotton on // top - h&m // skirt - forever 21
 // socks - target //  shoes - vintage

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

something sinister to it

As this Friday is Halloween, I've been theming my outfits this week with a fall, spooky vibe. Tartan skirts always remind me of fall, so this outfit seemed perfect to start the week with. Not to mention the spooky ghost socks (courtesy of Target), which I think really ties this look together. 

leather jacket - cotton on // top - vintage // skirt - forever 21
 // socks - target // shoes - len druskin

Monday, October 27, 2014


It's been perfect fall weather lately and I love it. 

I found some time while at the MIA to take some quick OOTD pictures. I think socks are really important and they're kind of the only fashion statement I know how to make, but these "GODDESS" ones are the best. Not only do I literally always feel like a goddess in them, they also look amazing with every outfit ever because they're just simple black text on white. 

cardigan - h&m // top - loveculture // jeans - american eagle //
socks - amazon // shoes - len druskin

 psst. I also took these pictures on my new iPhone! I'm officially a white girl. While that explains the not perfect quality of these, I think I'll be able to do outfit posts a lot more w/ a much more portable camera. Yay.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

don't stay in bed

September is almost over and it's crazy how much time has passed! It feels like I've been in school for like 2 days, but in reality it's been almost 4 weeks. I'm proud of myself for getting through the entire month of September without going absolutely insane, but with musical rehearsals, film aspirations, and homework, I'm definitely sacred for the next few weeks. That being said, here's my outfit today!

top - h&m / jeans - forever 21 / jacket - cotton on / shoes - len

(also, sneak peak pics of my room! next post will be a full virtual ~room tour~ as i've just redone it and made it my style.)

Monday, September 15, 2014

easy easy

I'm trying to step up my outfit game and post outfit from regular school days, so I'm starting that up now! I felt very ~fall~ today although when it actually becomes colder fall weather I'll have to wear a lot more layers than this because I live in the frozen tundra, but I'm still so excited for knee/thigh sock season and cardigans and chai tea and ahhh.

crop top - h&m / cardigan - target / velvet skirt - oasap /
knee high socks - target / hiking boots - len

Monday, September 8, 2014

fall/back to school essentials

Tis the season to pack up shorts, crop tops, and flip flops to exchange them for cold weather jeans, sweaters, and boots. I actually really do love the change in weather, and fall is definitely my favorite season, but this year especially it has been really hard bidding farewell to all my amazing summer clothes. Living in Minnesota, summery weather only lasts for about 3 months, while freezing winter takes over at least 5, and spring and autumn fall somewhere in between. As much as I love sweaters, knee high socks, and combat boots, I'm really gonna miss not having to wear 700 layers of clothes. Thankfully, for the next month or two, the weather will be cool but not too bad, so I'm quite excited. I don't normally go back to school shopping, but this year I was in need of some sweaters because even though I may live in Minnesota, I own like 1 sweater that I don't share with my sister. Along the way I found some great clothes to kick ass this school year. This post is essentially just a giant haul fall post, with a lot of old favorites in between.

green velvet skirt - ebay / tartan skirt - forever 21 / striped knee highs - target /
halloween ghost socks - target / lips socks - urban outfitters
Skirts and socks! I've mentioned tartan and velvet in my new year post, and I'm very excited to have achieve that goal. Thigh high socks are a given, so I don't have them pictured here, but I have some knee highs, halloween ankle socks, and calf length socks. The essentials.

leather jacket - cotton on / black sweater - forever 21 / dogtooth cardigan - forever 21
Sweaters are obviously necessary for fall, and I was seriously lacking that department until a week ago. I got the sweaters from Forever 21 from a buy one get one free sale, so I'm really excited about those purchases. Dogtooth is my fall obsession, and having a dogtooth cardigan will be a fun spin on a boring black outfit! 

patterned collared shirt - h&m / black collared shirt - cotton on /
pulp fiction - h&m / i am a god (not pictured) - flyart productions
Collared shirts and basic graphic white tees are a perfect way to keep a simplistic fall look, but also look great. At least, that's my philosophy. I also have this shirt that I couldn't find to add to these pictures, but it's probably my favorite thing that I own at the moment.

blue jeans - american eagle / black jeans - forever 21 /
white jeans - gap / boxers - gap
A good pair of jeans is always important. I'm still looking for perfect high waisted jeans that aren't outrageously expensive, but there is always hope. Also, at the moment is a pair of boxers with bugs on them. Honestly, boxers are so incredibly comfortable and they fit me as shorts, so I wear them over the weekend and/or when I get home from school to get relaxed and prepared to do homework. Seriously, they're incredible.

oxfords - modcloth / black chunky heels - vintage / hiking boots - len druskin
The shoes is probably my favorite part about fall. I wear combat boots all year round, so that's obviously an essential, and since my pair are getting pretty beat up I didn't feel like taking a picture of them, but those are very important. The Modcloth shoes were on sale from like $50 to $10, and they're incredibly comfortable and haven't gotten scuffed yet even though I've worn them for the past 3 weeks straight. Also, those hiking boots are the most comfortable things I've ever put on my feet. 

etsy / yourmainstitch
I've been trying to put cool patches and pins on my backpack for ages, but I never wanted to commit to one patch and pins kept falling off, but when I saw this patch on Etsy it was love at first sight. Probably the best investment all school year. 

For some back to school study mixes, these are my favorite.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

up we go

Apparently,  I was so excited about summer clothes that I haven't made a single post all summer and it's already August. Oops. In my defense, I have been incredibly busy - camp, vacations, summer homework, writing scripts, studying for the SAT, etc. I'll make a life post once summer is over so I can validate my excuses, but for now you'll just have to believe me.
This is my first post without my sister Camille's assistance to take pictures of me, so be warned.

top - h&m / skirt - cotton on

socks - target / shoes - modcloth

Saturday, May 17, 2014

on a roll again

As you can tell from my previous blog posts, I'm so excited about summer. Warm weather means crop tops, skirts and shorts (without tights!) and no need for a jacket! I finally went shopping today to get more summer appropriate clothes and for my trip to Tennessee next week, which I'm freaking out about. Don't worry, I'll definitely make a blog post about it!

Tonight I'll be going to a ramen shop for dinner and then going to see The Grand Budapest Hotel, so I wanted to look cute!

jacket - cotton on // top - h&m // skirt - ebay // thigh highs - h&m // shoes - express

Sunday, April 27, 2014

i'm so west coast

A few weeks ago, I went to San Diego, California for spring break! It was so nice and gorgeous and a perfect getaway from the cold in Minnesota. One day, my family and I went into the city and hung out in Balboa Park and Old Town San Diego. The weather was so perfect and I could finally dress without wearing a thousand layers, so I made my sister take pictures of my outfit while we were there. Here they are!

shirt - cotton on / skirt - vintage hand me down / shoes - len druskin

(shoutout to camille's thumb in the first picture that I'm too lazy to crop out. and I want to show off my shoes. art.)

Sunday, March 16, 2014

changing of the seasons

It's finally getting warmer here in Minnesota. And by warmer, I mean that it's not -20 degrees out anymore. Yay! This week it's been in the 30's and even 40's. That means that spring is finally on its way. Although spring is not a particularly beautiful month in Minnesota (with the melting snow that just kinda makes everything look sludgey and gross), I'm really excited to finally be able to wear skirts and dresses without freezing to death. As this week was the first week where the temperature was over 20 degrees, I was finally able to dress without having to wear a million layers. Not only that, but it's also perfect thigh high weather!!! So here are some of my outfits from this week.

shirt - forever 21 / skirt - ebay / socks - h&m / shoes (black oxfords, not pictured) - forever 21
shirt - (very old) h&m / velvet skirt - oasap / tights - target / shoes (black combat boots, not pictured) - len druskin

dress - h&m / leather jacket - cotton on / shoes - len druskin

shirt - walker art museum / peter pan collar shirt - h&m / black jeans  - forever 21

                                      shirt - loveculture / skirt - cotton on / socks - h&m / shoes - forever 21

Friday, January 17, 2014

judy is a punk

This is my very first outfit post! This post also kind of doubles as a haul post, because I just got everything that I'm wearing the other day, but it's a lot more interesting because you can actually see it on. As I said in my previous post, plaid skirts are one of my favorite things ever, and I finally found the perfect one at Cotton On for $15! Because Cotton On was having a huge sale, I also went in and got this leather jacket for $20 (40 dollars off!!!!) and this shirt was $10 and I got it (mainly) because it looks kinda like this shirt that Tyler Joseph of Twenty One Pilots wore when I saw him live in October. These shoes (Express) are actually my sister's, but she let me borrow them for the day. Another big thing that I'm wearing that I just got today is my new glasses! I'm so happy with them and I love them so much. 

(jacket, shirt, skirt - cotton on // shoes - express)