Friday, October 31, 2014

this is halloween

Halloween is here, y'all. It's the best excuse to dress goth without people looking at you weirdly. I called my halloween costume "Teen Ghost Hunter" (thanks American Apparel Lookbook). I took these pictures right after school so I didn't have my full costume on, but I paired it with a vintage camera and some blood across my face. 

leather jacket - cotton on // top - h&m // skirt - forever 21
 // socks - target //  shoes - vintage

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

something sinister to it

As this Friday is Halloween, I've been theming my outfits this week with a fall, spooky vibe. Tartan skirts always remind me of fall, so this outfit seemed perfect to start the week with. Not to mention the spooky ghost socks (courtesy of Target), which I think really ties this look together. 

leather jacket - cotton on // top - vintage // skirt - forever 21
 // socks - target // shoes - len druskin

Monday, October 27, 2014


It's been perfect fall weather lately and I love it. 

I found some time while at the MIA to take some quick OOTD pictures. I think socks are really important and they're kind of the only fashion statement I know how to make, but these "GODDESS" ones are the best. Not only do I literally always feel like a goddess in them, they also look amazing with every outfit ever because they're just simple black text on white. 

cardigan - h&m // top - loveculture // jeans - american eagle //
socks - amazon // shoes - len druskin

 psst. I also took these pictures on my new iPhone! I'm officially a white girl. While that explains the not perfect quality of these, I think I'll be able to do outfit posts a lot more w/ a much more portable camera. Yay.